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Available Pets
Please visit our Petfinder Page to get the most up to date gallery of animals looking for FUREVER homes!
GiGi's Rescue works with Pilot N Paws to transport rescues all over the United States and Canada

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If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs listed please click the application above and submit to Please note that we may receive multiple applications for the same dog and do our best to find the right match.


GiGi's Rescue is always looking for families willing to foster animals until they can be placed in permanent homes. If you are interested in fostering, please click the application above and submit to


We ensure that all our animals are matched with loving, responsible and permanent homes. We have a thorough and comprehensive adoption process. This includes fully vetting animals including spay/neutering prior to adoption, home checks and educating adopters on the long-term costs associated with pet ownership. We keep in contact with our adopters throughout the life of the animal to ensure a life full of love and happiness.


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